Dienstag, 7. Juni 2016

80 Days left...


So as you can probably see this post is gonna be in English!

There are only 80 days left till I'll fly to London and only four weeks left of school and two of them are an internship. I can honestly say... it's getting real.

So first of all I wanna tell you an advice:

If you are planing on going abroad, go a whole year and not a half one as I do. All the struggles I already had because of that are massive! For example I'll be back in Germany on 3 February 2017 that is a Friday and on the following Monday my second internship starts. That means I already have to apply for my second internship before I attended my first one! And there are much more things!

But after all I can say that a half year is better than nothing and that this half year is gonna be changing all.

Today is Tuesday 7 June and I still don't have my host family yet but I'm praying to get them on Friday when I'll be having my preparation weekend.

That is actually the next I wanted to say... this Friday and Saturday I'll be having my preparation weekend in Bremen and I'm honestly so exited! I'm looking forward to meet other exchange students who are also going to England with my organization.

I also already started to write a packing list and really... you can't even tell how difficult this is! I mean I have to pack my whole life into one suitcase! And that's not the worst part of that; how am I supposed to pack when I'm flying back on Feburary? There are gonna be two lives I have to pack in one suitcase... I can already tell there's going to be a lot to pay for overweight.

I guess that's all to say in this post! Next one will be about my preparation weekend I guess.


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